Camping Stoves

My favorite stove has got to be the Jetboil. I have both the personal and the larger model for family trips. I like it for several reasons.

  • Lights every time
  • Stays lit in wind
  • Cooks quickly
  • Easy to carry/clean
  • Not a lot of parts to break/solid construction

Over the years we’ve used a lot of stoves, and still continue to do so. Now that we’re also using our F250 to camp in – we’re also using larger Coleman stoves. I’ve learned over that time that having a simple design is likely the best way to go. At this point the canister stoves are our favorite. Self-pressuring seems to work better in more conditions. I’ve had pump stoves that while are nice for burn adjustibility, are just too touchy and require too much constant attention. Here’s what we feel are some good tips when looking at purchasing a new stove:

Does the stove fit your intended purpose? If you’re backpacking, lightweight, easily packed stoves are a must. If you’re planning on doing mainly high altitude camping pump stoves are likely the best option. Will you have a standard fuel type accessible? If you’re taking a long trip (months or weeks) and you’re not sure where you fuel will be coming from – a multi-fuel stove will fit the bill.

Do you want a liquid gas stove versus a canister stove? The question here might be, “are you planning on doing a lot of cold weather camping?” Isobutene is generally used with Canister stoves. For liquid full stoves that require pumping the fuel source is usually White Gas or Kerosene. White Gas and Kerosene are usually better at burning/firing at low tempatures. Of the two, we probably prefer white gas as it burns cleaner than Kerosene. Canister stoves are our preferred method right now, but we’re not doing a lot of high-altitude/cold weather camping. If we do, we usually will take our MSR stove.

There’s also the option of creating a homemade stove (which generally burn wood or alcohol). They can be great – we own a wood burning variation. The only drawback here is the time is takes to construct one and they can be a bit fussier than the store bought variety. Warehouse Sale – Up to 60% Off Premium Gear Now – Limited Time Only

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