Any trip into the outdoors is only going to be as good as the equipment you choose. Over the years, by trial and error, we’ve found what works best for trips to the Mountains, Deserts and Ocean. We’ve done solo trips, small group trips and kid adventures. For every trip you’ll need the gear specific to the purpose. Our goal is to help educate you on what products will best support your endeavors.


Camping Stoves

My favorite stove has got to be the Jetboil. I have both the personal and the larger model for family trips. I like it for several reasons. Lights every time Stays lit in wind Cooks quickly Easy to carry/clean Not a lot of parts to break/solid construction Over the years we’ve used a lot of …

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Carrying a Possibles Pouch

Whenever we’re taking a hike or backpack, I always make sure to pack my Possibles Pouch.  A “possibles pouch” or “possibles bag” derives its name from the bags originally carried by the fur trappers and mountain men of the early nineteenth century. Their pouch contained all the small daily essentials that were used on a …

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Choosing the Right Backpack

We’ve certainly had a share of backpacks! When still in high School I started with an REI external pack. I wore it on many trips. I even took it on a semi-climbing trip to Zion. Talk about work! Soon I discovered internal packs and didn’t look back. While I know Externals can still be a …

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Backcountry Tent

Choosing the Right Tent

There are several factors to consider when choosing the right tent. Price, Size, Season, Construction, Configuration, Strength, weight and Shape are likely the main the main considerations. Out of those I think the most important are: Is the tent in your budget? Is the tent big enough to accommodate you/your family? Will the tent work for most …

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Desert Hiking

Desert hiking is undoubtedly one of our favorite family activities. The expansiveness and vastness of the desert are truly remarkable. We spend probably 3-4 weeks a year in the four corners area. Every trip has its share of bumps and bruises, that’s a given. Probably the closest call we’ve experienced hasn’t been due to snake bite, being …

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Mountainsmith Backpack

How to Pack an Internal Backpack

This may seem like a simple process – or for those gear junkies out there, it may be a very complicated question! Over the years I’ve seen how many people pack, I’ve listened to presentations on the best way to pack and when I worked for a backpack manufacture – I’d recommend to others what …

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Planning a Hike? Here’s a checklist to follow.

Summer is once again upon us and more people will be getting out to enjoy the outdoors. For some of us, we’re out all year around, but this list still applies. Make sure to give the following points some thought before you set out. Food While Food may seem common sense, there are a few …

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sleeping bags

Sleeping Bags

Having the right sleeping bag is so important! It can mean the difference between having a great trip – and packing up early. Sleeping bags can vary greatly depending on the cost and construction. If you’re 4 season campers like we are and if you camp in various geographical regions, chances are you’re going to …

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trekking poles

Trekking Poles

I used to think that only “old” people used Trekking poles. That might still be true, although I’ve now realized that they certainly do have their purpose. I don’t use them too much, occasionally I will on long backpacks with heavy weight. Otherwise I prefer not to have them in my hands. Most times I’d …

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