McInnis Canyon NCA offers Outdoor Opportunities

Photo: Matt Mcgrath

McInnis Canyons National Conservation area is a real Colorado Gem. Ample opportunities for hiking, mountain biking and boating abound. Located just west of Colorado National Monument, this 123,00 acre area contains the second largest concentration of arches in North America. The conservation area is a vast desert landscape typifying the terrain found throughout the Colorado Plateau. Contained within its boundaries are lush desert canyons, red rock country and solitude.

Mee and Rattlesnake Canyons are probably the two most well known destinations within the park. Rattlesnake canyon provides up close views of natural arches while Mee canyon holds an enormous alcove which shouldn’t be missed. Also within the confines of the conservation area is the Black Ridge Canyons Wilderness area a natural and undeveloped tract of land totaling 75,000 acres.

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