Outdoor Recreation Participation

As we’re keen on the majority of outdoor recreational pursuits, this recent article regarding current participation levels in those respective activities is quite illuminating. The author received his data via the annual Outdoor Recreation Participation Report for 2011. The report, often used by outdoor gear manufactures to better understand the nations appetite for all things outdoors, gives the reader a great overview of what’s hot and what’s not.

There are some interesting numbers the author points out, such as Biking and Hiking continue to be very popular sports with 15 and 11% of Americans enjoying those pursuits. The same can be said for Camping, be it car or tent, with over 42 million Americans ranking it as their most popular outdoor activity.

Another interesting tibit, adolescents are attracted to outdoor related activities because “they are cool”! Young adults gravite towards these activites to “relieve stress”.

The report also delves into why outdoor related activities continue to have the highest participation from Caucasian’s. With the survey using over 38,000 interviews as its draw for statistical data, it is a pretty good read on the current state of outdoor related activities. Make sure to check it out:

Outdoor Recreation Participation Report