Nature Dictates how Climbers approach Everest Summit

This climbing season much has been made about the lack of snow and ice on Mount Everest. With warmer temperatures, traditional routes that lead climbers up sheer walls of ice have been abandoned for new routes which take climbers up perilous rock pitches. A whole new set of dangers is awaiting would-be Everest climbers – as climbing on rock is more unforgiving than the often used ice routes.

With the ice melting faster and more extensively than in recent memory, climbers are being faced with new challenges.

An article in the New York Times takes the subject of the more problematic rock routes greeting climbers a step further and hints at a deeper question arising about an “increasingly estranged decision-making process” for Everest climbers. By force of nature, climbers are having their minds made up for them. Due to the cumulative effects of global warming – their actions are being controlled before they ever set foot on the mountain. An interesting read. Don’t Climb Every Mountain