Five Great Hikes near Boulder Colorado

Fun hikes around boulder

City Of Boulder

Meyers Homestead (Gulch) Trail

This beautiful trail located nine miles southwest of Boulder is a great hiking destination for families. The trail is part of the Walker Ranch Open Space trail system. If you’re looking for more difficult hikes, those can be found in the vicinity as well. The Meyers trail is a total of 5 miles round trip and could be described as “moderate” in difficulty. If you take the kids you’re likely looking at a three hour trip. Depending on the time of year you visit you may see wildflowers, Elk or fall colors. This is a popular trail, you won’t be alone.

Devil’s Thumb Pass Trail

If you’re looking for a Wilderness hike close to Boulder, this might be it. If you take the trail all the way to Devil’s pass you’re be in for a 14 mile round-trip. However a shorter trip of 8 miles can be taken if you turn around at Jasper Lake. The trail takes you through wet meadows and Spruce/Fir forests. It’s also a popular trail (as most trails around Boulder are), so plan on getting there early to beat the mid-day crowds. If you’re planning to make it all the way to the pass and return the same day, you’ll need to start early! You can also take your time on this trail and turn it into a nice weekend backpack.

South Boulder Peak

The highest peak in the Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks – it’s worth the hike! The mountain is also less traveled as there aren’t as many trails crisscrossing the peak. It’s a strenuous hike, probably not the one you want to take the kids on. The distance isn’t too bad at 5 miles round trip but you’ll be gaining and dropping 3,000 feet of elevation. The best start to this hike is via the South Mesa Trailhead. Enjoy the 360 degree view from the top!

Mt. Sanitas Loop

This is a great hike for residents of Boulder as it starts at the base of Sunshine Canyon. It’s a short and sweet hike. Round trip distance is around 3.5 miles. If you take your time you’re probably be finished in just under 3 hours. It’s a moderately strenuous hike with nice views from the top. It’s very popular! Get there early or go late.

Bear Peak

Probably the best way to access Bear Peak is via NCAR (National Center for Atmospheric Research). You’ll take a series of trails from Dakota Trail to Mesa and then to Bear Canyon to reach the top. The length from this access point is 7 miles and it can be considered “difficult”. Parts of the trail are quite steep and fun! This hike is best done in the early fall. It can be quite hot to do as a mid-summer trip. Plan for the round trip to take 5-7 hours.

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