Biolite Stove will soon hit the Market

biolite campstove

Bio Lite

We’ve used a lot of stoves over the years on backpacking trips. To date our favorite has likely been the Jetboil. However, there is a new stove soon to be released that looks really cool. It’s called the Biolite and it has some unique offerings:

  • Fuel source is twigs, small wood shavings
  • You can charge all your gadgets via a converter in the stove!
  • It uses a renewable resource to reduce your carbon footprint

This unique stove uses a built in fan to blow air into the fire, which greatly improves combustion. The stove produces so much energy that the excess is converted and turned into electricity which can be used to power mobile phones, LED lights, GPS and more.

They will have two versions available, the Homestove and the Campstove. Biolite hopes to spread the Homestove to many 3rd world countries where cooking on a fire is a daily occurrence. As massive amount of energy savings and reduction of emissions could be achieved by substituting the Homestove for a traditional fire. The Campstove will be a smaller version to use for camping trips and backpacking.

Please have a look at this creative new spin on fire-powered cooking!