Wyoming Weekend

Hiking VedauwooSoon after our return from Costa Rica, we had to get out again. Post-vacation blues. We decided to take the F250 and head up north of Redfeather Lakes, Colorado. We made quick time up there and soon found a nice camp spot. We spent the afternoon playing horseshoes and went on a nice hike. On the way back from the hike we invented a new game, “Roll the Log”. It’s quite simple really, roll a giant log down a steep hill and try not to kill yourself or roll it over your kids in the process.

The next morning, the Easter bunny arrived in camp. After the egg hunt we headed across the border on a Forest Service road. It had been since last fall that anyone had traveled the road, as we encountered a few large logs blocking our path. Not having a chainsaw meant hand sawing the logs – ugh. After cutting through some logs, we finally made our way into Wyoming and spent the day hiking through¬†Vedauwoo. It’s a National Forest managed park between Laramie and Cheyenne. For those of you that haven’t been (especially if you’re a climber), you need to make the trip. It’s a wonderful land of granite cracks and slabs. Our suggestion would be to hit the area pre-May. After May the summer campgrounds open and you’ll find the area packed with guests.

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